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About Kickstart Arts?

Making Art with Communities

Kickstart Arts is an independent arts company based in Hobart Tasmania, working statewide in cross-sectoral partnerships to produce inclusive, innovative multi-arts projects with communities.

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Current Projects

The Happiness Project: Cygnet Stories

Three Kickstart artists are working with Cygnet Arts Council, Cygnet Primary School and 59 community members of all ages to share stories about the true nature of Happiness. Community members are exploring their own stories of things that contribute to their... read more

Angels of Our Better Nature

Creative Producer Richard Bladel has started talking with staff at Headway rebuilding lives as we begin a new phase of a 3 year project.  
A follow on from the Headstart project in 2009 and the award winning Portraits of Invisible People exhibition in 2010, Angels of Our Better Nature involves 6 artists working with Read more

Kickstart Arts Highlights

Mkono kwa Mkono promo

30 sec Happiness promo.

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What people are saying

  • "I learnt that happiness comes in many different shapes and forms, it's accessible to anyone. Everyone has their own idea of happiness for themselves."
    — young woman Glenorchy
  • "I used to find it difficult to write but we learnt different styles of writing and better ways of putting what we want to say....."
    male participant, Glenorchy
  • "I'm more happy. I've done the film and it's done, it's out there. I'm really proud of my idea. Making the film had made me a happier person... I can actually stand in front of a camera and talk."
    young woman, Glenorchy
  • I think there was a lot in it for our kids, they grew in confidence in handling technology and the involvement with the community was very positive.
    Flinders Island school
  • The Happiness Project has opened up horizons for our kids.
    Big Picture School, Glenorchy
  • They know how to write, they know how to act and how to structure a story, so it is a genuine collaboration. Their skills are strong and they understand the process of story telling much more than when the project began....
  • I have become more confident and have started believing in myself.
    young Aboriginal woman, Glenorchy
  • I've never talked about how I feel about these things, it's brought up a new feeling inside me and it feels really good.
    young male participant in Glenorchy
  • I thought I was going to fail, the pressure was on but I got through it..
    young male, Glenorchy
  • He was a shy little boy but through writing and acting he has really come out of himself.
    teacher, Glenorchy
  • At first I did not think I could do it but I gradually became more confident.
    participant Glenorchy

Get Involved

Kickstart Arts runs projects with communities and organisations. We run workshops for individuals and have shows and event open to everyone. Go to our "Get Involved" page to find out how you can be part of it all. Read more


Our work relies on the kindness and generosity of people like you who care about making the world a better place. If you believe in the healing power of creativity and community, you can help by making a tax deductible donation. Read more